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Do you like animals but you have a special affection for horses? You are welcome on our platform. It is dedicated exclusively for these animals. Here we have different information about horses: news about races and competitions at the regional, national or international level, tips to improve breeding but also tips for successful training and many more.

Why to choose our site?

Our platform is dedicated entirely to horses. All that concerns the universe of these animals are visible here. If you needed information about their food, you will find it here. If you wanted to know more about the different treatments and treatments you need to have animals in shape, you will have the answers by searching our site. It is even possible to find here racing programs and news about horse racing around the world. If you wanted to learn jumping to your pet, we have advice on it. Choosing our will allow you to have at your fingertips all that is necessary to raise a horse. Whether you are a big ranch owner or have a horse as a pet, you will certainly find some useful information here.

A special heading dressage

Among the categories that are available on our site, we have one that is dedicated especially for dressage. Why did we design this section? The answer is simple, we want you to have a respectful and wise animal! Indeed, it is always difficult to be respected by his animal. We need to go through several steps to get there. We then designed this section whose purpose is to help you succeed in taming your horse. We evoke all the details not to be omitted to achieve acceptance by the animal even if it was a wild horse. Each content in this section is made to bring new information that can facilitate this arduous task. You can also share your experiences through comments.