How to know the saddle you require

To ride a horse, you always need a saddle. It is an essential equipment whatever the discipline practiced. But choosing the saddle you might need is anything but easy. Like the choice of any other accessory that might be needed when riding, you can get lost despite the multitude of choices available on the market. In this case, we must establish a good technique to refine the selection.

Choose according to the rider

As it is the rider who will mainly use the saddles, he or she must find the accessory that corresponds to him. It should be noted that saddle sizes differ according to the saddle model. They are different for an English saddle and for an American saddle for example. We can also talk about inches. This is the measurement of the seat. To maximize comfort, it is important to consider these details. The rider can also make his choice based on the materials with which the saddles are made. There are those who like leather saddles or those who like saddles that are made with two or more other materials.

Choose according to the horse

It should not be forgotten either that the choice of saddles must include the type of horse we are going to ride. The size of the animal counts especially. The saddle must be different for a pony, a line, a horse or a thoroughbred. As all these animals do not have the same opening at the withers, we must know the dimensions of his horse. It should be remembered that if the saddle is too small or too big in relation to the size of the animal, it could hurt him. If it is not comfortable, it can also be difficult to mount. The animal can even become aggressive.

In case we have doubts, we can ask the opinion of connoisseurs. In addition to the sellers, it is possible to ask saddlers, horse trainers, horse-riding enthusiasts, veterinarians, and so on.

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