What sort of saddles is adapted for jumping ?

To provide a saddle to a rider. it is extremely complicated. several criteria are taken into account: the morphology, the posture, the psychosomatic aspect, the discipline in the school.

What type of saddle?

We must always remember that the seat is the "date" the centrepiece of the vaulting horse is. we should be able to find a form of vaulting, which both the shape of the horse and the posterior of the rider. if one is preferred over the other, we have enough problems quickly. there is a need for compatibility of the morphologies of horse and rider. often, when you buy a horse, the only indication of size side rider that we have, that is the size of the vaulting, specifically its length, which is roughly indicative of the size of the seat. We have to take the best measure to bring this rapport between saddles and cavalier.

The saddle for "jumping"

The horse jumped the barriers is natural feeling, but everything changes when they are fitted by a used jumping saddles for sale that you should use on this type of test. the relationship between the two must be perfect and absolute concentration, as a major effort is required in a short period of time, strength, agility and control is fundamental to complete the course without penalty. the jumping saddles have been designed to achieve maximum performance while the absolute freedom of movement, and with the shoulders of the horse. the rider jumping, he will need to be able to block his knee at the reception of a large oxer or on a stack, a little too honest, just to bust to turn not to wreck badly.

The stool is like the pants, if you are right, but you don't want to admit it, and you get a size of just your ego, at the end of the day, not only will you be wound up, but you are wrong.

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