Various saddles on offer for your adapted horse activity

There are so many types of riding saddles that equestrian disciplines, so it is important to know how to distinguish in order to make the best choice for your comfort and that of your horse. So look for used western saddles for sale right now.

The obstacle saddle: for the balance of the rider

A saddle of obstacle is designed to privilege the balance of the jumper during the jump. As a result, its neighborhoods are oriented forward to serve as a support for the knees and allow to balance. The seat, flat or semi-hollow, offers a certain freedom of movement and the saddle is generally equipped with cleats, semi-rigid pieces intended to maintain the legs of the rider during the crossing of obstacles.

The saddle dressage: a comfortable seat

For training, the rider will need a comfortable seat with a riding saddle allowing him to have his legs straight and down. The saddle dressage has longer quarters with larger cleats, to guide the placement of the leg. The seat is hollow and encompassing to ensure the stability of the rider.

The hiking saddle: for the comfort of horse and rider

The saddle is designed for outdoor outings long durations, so it favors comfort, both the rider than the horse. With a wide and deep seat, the emphasis is on padding, worked to promote the proper distribution of the weight of the rider on the horse. According to the disciplines, the saddles of excursion can be declined in more atypical models like the stool of endurance or the range of Western saddles, all equipped with a pommel at the front and designed for different variants of the western riding.

Thus, the choice of your saddle will depend on the type of equestrian discipline that you practice. But always be careful when buying and take into account the general condition of the saddle.

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