What is the difference inbetween certain horse saddles ?

First of all, you have to know the age of your horse. If it is a young one or an adult horse, you really need to know this. There are many types of saddles that you find on the marketplace. The best one depend of your comfort but also of your activities horse.

The different type of saddles

There are two types of group of saddles. The monoflap and biflap. But if we care about the activities there are obstacle saddle, mixed saddle, training saddle, mounted saddle, Islandaise saddle, western saddle and so many else that but they are the most popular on the market. We have to care also about the quality of the saddle. And this point is important to protect the horse and so are you. We all know that before putting the saddle we put his protection, and they are also in a different quality but better you choose the one that is large. There are so many marks about those saddles, and the clever choice is the one that resist you. You can also have a list of new equipment horse but everybody knows about the antares saddles that gives you the best quality product.

Choose the right marks of horse saddle

You can be surprise if we advise you to buy a used saddle because you know that this quality is solid, except if it is in a good condition yet. So better to buy it at the marketplace that is more references. The French saddlers are the best because they have different design. They care more about the horse’s health and they required to take a measure of your horse before making an order. They are present online, and they propose different kind of saddle that will be better for your activities. But it also depends of you budget, but we all know that having a horse need money, so better think of it before buying it, or just take a Pony.

You have to learn also to put those saddles on your horse. You know that horses need kindness and better you talk with him before putting the row, and the carpet Bareback, and everything that you need to go with it. So be kind and clever with a horse!

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