What equipment is best for starting off

When you start horse riding, it is useless to clutter with a material that we will not necessarily use. Indeed, for a beginning, minimal equipment can allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of a horse riding. Here are some essential accessories for the novice rider and his mount.

Essential Equipment for Your Horse

Riding a horse requires some accessories such as antares saddles. The saddle is the essential element of basic equipment for a good practice of this sport. There are several types of saddle. Each type of saddle corresponds to a given equestrian discipline. You will find easily on the internet, of all sizes and all designs, new or even used saddles. Remember to try a few days to find out if the saddle is perfectly adapted to your morphology and that of your horse.

Other accessories to have probably are a saddle carpet, a bridle, bits, halters and lanyards. For the toilet of your equine, a grooming box is essential. This box may include a hoof pick, a curry comb, brushes, etc.

Basic Equipment for the Horse Rider

The rider on his side must also dress appropriately to ride that is mainly composed of:

  • A helmet. The wearing of a helmet also called riding ca is mandatory, because it guarantees the safety of the rider in case of fall. .
  • Riding breeches (or pants depending on the season). This protects you including friction with the horse’s body or even the saddle. .
  • a vest or a safety jacket. Padded, the vest protects the spine and ribs of the rider in case of a fall, damping shocks. In addition, the jacket also protects during horse riding against the branches that frolic you. .
  • Riding boots, these are essential accessories for riding. They allow to place his foot in the stirrup. .
  • Gloves to steer his horse. They also protect the rider from warm-ups that reindeer could cause. Also, they protect your fingers from the cold.

To these basic clothes, you can add accessories such as whip to better direct your pet.

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